How to Fix iPhone Speaker

In case your iOS device speaker is not working correctly, it is a bigger problem and more irritating problem that you might expect. Everyone likes to listen to songs by using headphones in their iOS devices, but when you hear no sound coming in your Apple device, you also can’t hear incoming calls, alert notifications for messages, the music when playing games or watching movies and many more other things in your Apple device.

It is hard to fix the iPhone whose speaker doesn’t work properly but can be a tricky one. There are so many things you have to fix in iPhone from which sounds are not coming out. The hardware and software issues are the main reason for this problem. In case you drop your phone, the speaker gets damaged causing them to work appropriately.

Here are some methods of fixing iPhone speaker:

1. Check Sound and Volume

The given a suggestion is quite apparent, but we must start with the most natural things:

  • First, check your iPhone sound because it might be possible that you put your iPhone on silent. You will get this on the right side of every iPhone with three buttons:
  • The Ringer
  • The mute switch
  • The two-volume buttons.

The ringer or mute button turns off all the sounds for calls and notifications of messages, the volume switch control the overall function of the gadget.

  • Second, switch the ringer button. Do this by moving towards the back of the phone, so that the orange color comes in the button, and after that moving it back.

2. Go through the Sounds Settings

In case switching the ringer or mute button didn’t help you, then go through the software settings related to the iOS device speaker. It could be that you have disabled sounds related to the functions of your iPhone which are ringtones for incoming calls and that might be the reason you are not getting sound. Here’s how:

  • Open Settings
  • Click Sounds and Haptics
  • Go through the settings there.

These are setting control all the functions of the sound, whether the sound is on full volume, and what ringtone is used to getting incoming calls and messages.

3. Is your iOS device turns into Headphone Mode?

It might be possible that you turn your iPhone speaker into headphone mode. This is the reason that you are not getting sound of any notification in your iPhone because the iPhone will only send audio to headphones, even if there are no headphones plugged in your phone.

  • Disable Bluetooth

As we mentioned above, it is possible that you do not hear any sound out of your iOS gadget speaker because the phone is sending all the notifications audio to another speaker; it might be like a Bluetooth speaker.

In case you hear the sound is coming from the Bluetooth speaker then disabling the Bluetooth connection will fix this problem and start sound playing through the iPhone speaker again. The steps are given below to disable Bluetooth:

  • Click Setting.
  • Press Bluetooth.
  • Toggle the Bluetooth slider to off.
  • Switch On/Off your iPhone

If none of the above methods work, then you should restart your Apple device. This is not a permanent solution to this problem but it is a quick and easy method, and switch on/off will solve all of your iPhone problems. In most of the cases, iPhone speaker will not work by applying to all this method, and it means you have some internal software problem.

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