How to Compete in the Fourth Industrial-Technical Revolution?

The increasing demand is dragging the industries to produce more and more in less time and this has stepped the whole industry into a new era of production which is very advanced, fast and enormously productive. To balance the demand-supply chain, industry needs special tools and techniques that can speed up its efficiency and productivity. As earlier, technology emerges as a savior and empowering it with its most advanced and efficient endeavor. It is going to rejuvenate the whole industrial norms and production method that is known as the fourth industrial-technical revolution. As an industrialist, industrial partner or even as simple worker and consumer, you also need to renovate your business skills to survive and flourish in a harsh competitive world.

The three basic rules help you to rule over the business world.

1.    EQ (emotional quotient) increment: The advancement in technology and communication system is going to change the traditional methods of interaction. IoT, IOS, AI are going to rule the communication world. It will enhance the need for technical assimilation to balance with the fast-changing norms. As artificial intelligence is getting space in decision making and inter and intra communication with different information system only emotion will remain with the human being.

So to react in a proper mode and stay calm in emergency and panic is the going to be the dominant aspect of decision making and improvement in the quality of life. It is the only quality which empowers and develops leadership within you and ultimately placed you at managing and governing panel. Many institutions are investing 8-11% in EQ enhancement to improve essential leadership quality in their employee. 

2.    Futuristic vision: Riding with the tide leads to the goal. When the technology is changing with every minute and creating a new approach to handle any problem then stick to custom is not a good practice to face increased competition.

The future is going to be digital, and the decision is going be automatic; hence you and your team should have the ability to handle as well as communicate in the same language. It enforces the training, adaptation and learning more crucial in the business world. You have to be up to date and technically boosted and efficient, if you want to be in a race. World economic forums (WEF) report also indicates the importance of it as it says that most of the employee is not standing on the parameters of improved technical knowledge.

3. Be the first or even start early: 

Technical change or any kind of change is not welcomed by the mass of the people, and they spend a lot of time in unknowing. Technology always works as an additional hand for a human which always speed up their productivity.   Avoiding new change or disinterest in any technical improvement drags you down in the race, so be adaptive with the new age technology, especially with the digital and cyber world. It will lead you towards not only the top position but also expertise you in dealing with new problems. So drag yourself to new-aged technology and emphasize the whole team to adopt a new language of business. The world is changing rapidly with the spectacular change in technology that will be going to break the whole marketing and production symmetry. Human has to adopt this as soon as possible because need and population increment are pressuring the present mechanism for change. So if you want to remain untouched and ranked in the upcoming technical era, you have to start today only. This is the time to twist your business as well as personal skill according to market tides.

Ethan Grey is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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