How to Change Chrome 68 Theme with UI Settings in iOS

Google Chrome released its Chrome 68 in-app version, and the Chrome enthusiasts with their iOS devices are clinging on a question of how to change the theme of Chrome using UI settings. The UI settings in Chrome app are hidden, but the settings are not unreachable. It only requires a little dig in to the web browser to change the theme on an iOS device.

The new updates of Chrome for the iOS device are offering the changes in the fundamental design. There is good news that the developer company, Google, hasn’t made the new UI default on its web browser. Hence you will have to manually enable it from the flags configurations of Chrome in your iOS device. If you are not aware of the method, then don’t fret and follow the guide to see how to change the Chrome 68 themes UI in the iOS device.

Here’s how to Change Chrome 68 Theme with UI Settings in iOS

The material design for Chrome 68 is available for the iOS devices on Apple’s App Store. So if you want to bring changes in your Chrome browser of app version, then you must update the app with the latest version.

  1. Once you have updated the browser with the latest version, you need to launch your web browser.
  2. Now, go to the address bar of the browser and type chrome://flags.
  3. Now, tap to go forward in the procedure.
  4. A tab will open in your iOS device.
  5. Go to the search box in the tab and type Refresh.
  6. Navigate to UI Refresh Phase 1 in the search results.
  7. Open the drop-down menu right next to it.
  8. Now, tap to select Enabled.
  9. You need to quit the app now and wait for a few seconds.
  10. The process will save the changes regarding the change in theme.
  11. Now, reopen the Chrome Browser.
  12. Once you open the Chrome again, you will see the new changes.

There are significant changes in the icons and the URL bar in new Chrome’s revamped design. The most amazing thing is that the redesigned version is now available as app version for iOS handsets and devices. Now, you can change the theme of Chrome browser in your iOS device.

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