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When computers first entered the world, in the 1940s, they consisted of vacuum tubes. Ten years down the line, the first OS was rolled out. The 4th gen of computers saw a rise in PCs. Over the decades, computers have become not only affordable but also portable. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without the comforts offered by computers.

Along with compact computers, and touch screen monitors, Microsoft Office productivity suite has also evolved. When it was first released as a bundle of apps, it consisted of three programs. However, now Microsoft Office is available in different versions, and each version has several editions.

Get Started with to setup Office

Microsoft Office is so tremendously popular that billions of users have it installed on their systems. A majority of organizations use it as their de facto program. The popularity of Microsoft Office is such that it remains undefeated and unparalleled even years after it was first released. The best thing about MS Office is that it is easy to use. Students, working professionals, businesspersons, artists, accountants, or people from all walks of life use Microsoft Office. MS Office suite can be easily setup by visiting

Download Microsoft Office Setup

Firstly, you need to check that your system has a stable internet connection. If you have the Office setup in a CD or flash drive, then you can proceed to installation. Now, follow the steps given below carefully, without skipping any, and download MS Office:

  1. Power on your computer or laptop.
  2. Uninstall older variants of MS Office.
  3. Remove the older MS Office setup.
  4. Click on the Internet Browsing program.
  5. Go to the link:
  6. In the Office setup page, log in to your Microsoft account.
  7. Enter the login details for MS Office account.
  8. Create a new account if you are not a registered user.
  9. To download Office or School editions, enter the login details of school or work account.
  10. In the home page, click on Install Office.
  11. Select the option for Installing Office once more.
  12. Pick the appropriate installation language.
  13. If downloading to Windows, select the bit version.
  14. Hit the Install button.
  15. Allow the download to get over.

Install Microsoft Office Setup

After downloading the setup, you can install the file. If you have a CD or flash drive which contains the setup, then insert it into the computer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Here are the steps for installing MS Office:
  1. This is how you must proceed in compliance with the internet browser:
  • Microsoft Edge: Click on the Run button
  • Internet Explorer: Click on the Run button
  • Google Chrome: Click the Setup button
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click on the Save File button
  1. After the user clicks on any of the buttons mentioned above, the User Account Control window shall crop-up.
  2. Simply let the program make a few changes to the computer by clicking on the Yes button.
  3. Allow the installation process to start.
  4. Users can confirm the level of installation by looking at the green band on display.
  5. The screen will show the programs enclosed within the Office suite that is being installed.
  6. You will now be able to see the following message: You are all set!
  7. All the applications which have been installed will get displayed.
  8. Watch the video on the screen to learn where to find Office apps.
  9. Click on the close button.

Activate Microsoft Office Setup

You may skip this procedure if you want to use it for a trial period of 28 days. If you have a valid activation key, then follow the steps given below to activate your Microsoft Office bundle:

After downloading and installing MS Office, users can launch any of its applications and work on them. However, sometimes they may have to activate their copy of MS Office.

  1. So simply open the MS Office app.
  2. Allow all the prompts and agree to the Microsoft Office policy.
  3. Hit the Activate button.
  4. Key in the 25 characters alphanumeric key in the Activation Wizard.
  5. Go to the next window.
  6. Click on the Close button when the product gets activated.

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